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FEB 2024

Join & Cook Along!

Here is an opportunity for you to join Chef Tira and her fun community via live stream. Learn her signature dishes including a range of techniques, tips, and tricks to improve your culinary knowledge.

Past classes are available for private offerings

Date Night – Sticky Toffee Pudding

This is the date you do not want to miss!
Grilled Beef
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A Sampling of Customer Favorite Cook & Eat Along Recipes

Our Cook & Eat Along sessions provide all participants the opportunity to learn tips and techniques for healthier eating. The participants also get to connect with others via a virtual communal session of cooking, storytelling, and memory sharing. This booklet presents a few of their favorite recipes from these sessions. Download your FREE copy now!

Chef Tira Wearing A Black Jacket

Meet Chef Tira


Clients say she is the master of perfectly seasoned food! Her adventurous clients are appreciative of her breadth and creativity.

Chef In Purple

Our Seasonal Recipes