Chef Tira`s clients are always hungry for more. Here`s what they had to say.

Tira, all of the adjustments below sound perfect. We really enjoyed the Thai glazed wings w/  potato wedges so if you made those again we would appreciate it. We will miss your  wonderful food.

Jessica Spalo- Developer

Hi Tira - We loved all three dishes this week! They actually helped out a lot too because my daughter was born on Wed night itself!! We took the dishes to the hospital with us so that we didn't have to eat hospital food.   For next week, we’d like the Vegetable Tian, the soft tacos, and the red bean lasagna.  Looking forward to it!

Dr. Madhavi Ryali- Developer

“I primarily eat traditional dishes and have always been reluctant to allow my taste-buds to try anything new. But eating Tira's Shrimp and Grits and her Blackened Shrimp and Crabmeat Fondue, has given me a whole new perspective on the concept of 'just try it'. I'm always amazed at how she's able to just some how make it all (flavor, seasonings, aroma) come together!”

Sharon Allen - Bolingbrook, IL- Developer

Tira WOW! i just saw the gift and it is just awesome! thank you so very much for all the  special touches you added, i am so excited to give it to them! Thanks again,

L. Jackson, Naperville, IL - Developer

Hi Tira

Thank you for coming yesterday. It was great to come back home and have a wonderful  dinner! Thank you. We are now in town so feel free to send us next week's menu  anytime this week since we'll be around.

Claudia Marban- Developer

Had salad last night... Very refreshing... Having shrimp now... Love it Andrew likes shrimp dish as we'll. Thank you! Looking forward to it! It was such a wonderful gift to come home to fresh cooked food

Garris Family- Developer

Hi Tira! Well, you are a STAR!! My mother (Melvina Bien) absolutely Loved, Loved, Loved  your food!! Thank you for saving the day. She wished you would have taken gas  Money however, she said you were happy to know she would light a candle for  you at church.

Again, with so much gratitude and Thanks,

Karen Krulac- Developer

Chef Tira, sorry to just be responding to your message our little son keeps mommy and daddy pretty busy these days esp. since Donell returned to work recently. 

Thank you so much for the delicious meals!  We loved each dish!  It was so nice to come home to such exquisite food especially since we really didn't have much prepared food remaining in the house.  And a number of the ladies who attended my shower are still talking about the delicious food you provided!   Take care and God Bless!  P.S.  I must start planning some special event so we can have more of your delicious comfort food!

K and D. Babino, Aurora, IL- Developer


My neighbor who is a GREAT cook tried your pasta. said it was better than any italian  restaurant she had ever been to!

Molly Morris- Developer

Hi Tira,
I would like to say thank you so much for providing dinner for me and my family on Tuesday. Everything was nicely prepared and very delicious. I actually had seconds, which is something I rarely do. I especially enjoyed the rosemary bread as an added treat (rosemary is one of favorite spices).
Thanks again,

Cynthia and Derrick Wilson and family - Naperville- Developer

Chef Tira,  

The food for both evenings was excellent! I especially liked the Thai Glazed  chicken because of the added kick of just enough spice, but not too much. The  red beans and rice was also one of my favorites. I could not stop eating the  jambalaya. The dessert tray with the assortment of cheesecakes and truffles was also a nice plus. Oh, the loaded Mac and Cheese was very flavorful and so  good! Thanks so much!.

Anna Kellogg- Developer

Thank you! We feel blessed to have you in our life. My mom really enjoyed meeting  you and is really enjoying the food!

Thank you!

Claudia Marban- Developer


We truly enjoy Comfort ‘N Spice Personal Chef services! The convenience of  having great tasting, healthy food, ready to eat at the end of a busy day is  wonderful! It is so nice to come home to something fresh and tasty instead of  eating fast food or take out. And, the clean up is so easy! Your personal chef  services provide us with great food and the gift of time! We now have more  time to eat together and more quality time in general. Thanks to you and  Comfort ‘N Spice!

The Lloyd Family, Plainfield, IL - Developer

Thank you Tira, for all of your hard work to make my mother's event so much fun for  her. She was very impressed and had nothing but nice things to say about you and your  assistants.

I will certainly recommend your services to everyone!

Take care.

Matt- Developer


WOW! i just saw the gift and it is just awesome! thank you so very much for all the  special touches you added, i am so excited to give it to them!

Thanks again,

Laura Jackson - Naperville, IL- Developer


You are great. I love that you are doing so much to accommodate Dom. We would love  the peanut butter cookies this time. I like your idea of us placing what we want to be  frozen after we try it instead. I will make sure to empty as much space for you in our  freezer. We do not have any special container for Dom's food so whatever you use works  for us. Thanks again & see you on Wed. morning.

Jessica Spalo- Developer

“Comfort ‘N Spice was the perfect choice for my husband's surprise party. My husband is from New Orleans so Chef Tira and I decided on a Creole-themed menu. While I was stressing over last-minute details, Chef Tira was in the kitchen preparing an assortment of tasty treats. By the time I finished hanging the banner, Chef Tira had arranged the food and cleaned the kitchen. It was my first experience with Comfort ‘ N Spice, but it won't be my last.”

Kristy Seoane - Aurora, IL- Developer

Chef Tira, thanks for the wonderfully seasoned and flavorful meals! We love your use of spices and fresh herbs! And, we appreciate you for introducing us to a few new foods such as Peruvian Style Chicken and Sweet and Spicy Glazed Salmon – all while honoring allergy concerns! You are appreciated!

Anonymous Love from University Park, IL- Developer

Hi Tira

I like the 3 options you gave. Sounds good!

The chicken and lime dish with the potatoes is amazing!!! My new favorite! Can you  make the same potatoes with the honey ginger chicken for next week. Carlos is also  loving the chicken with the dilled potatoes. Soooo good!

You are such a great chef and we are so lucky!

Claudia Marban- Developer

Best Chef in our kitchen!
Jim Lill
Jim Lill
CEO, Axion RMS
My friend LOVED his gift (birth of son). His comments:

“Honestly, the most flavorful arroz caldo I’ve tasted, just don’t tell my mom. I was texting back and forth with her and told her that my aunts made me a big pot of pancit molo so I didn’t want her to make that dish. I asked her to make jambalaya. She made me jambalaya and a bonus dish of orzo jambalaya which was even better than the regular jambalaya. The packaging was definitely a nice surprise. We are using the basket in his pack n play to organize diapers and such, and the soup mugs have been used plenty already! Thanks again!”
M Tare
M. Tare
(Customer since 2005. Meal plans/gifts)
We cannot tell you how much you have blessed our family's life. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship. Glad we have the pleasure of enjoying your awesome cooking and meals! (~9yrs of meals and counting! Meat/Vegetarian Meals) And, “Truly enjoyed the food and wine pairing - the food, service, and experience were exceptional! Get your creativity cap on will do these 2 to 3 times a year!!! Can you email the recipe to eggplant lasagna? My family would like to try to make it. Of course, we know it will not be as good as yours. Have a great weekend!
Weems Family
Guni and William Weems
Carpentersville, IL
"The meal plan food is wonderful with the perfect level of spices (the right kick, so to speak)"


“You did a fabulous job for me on the Fishes and Loaves event especially with such short notice. You did it without a lot of fanfare, which was terrific and I appreciate it. I will do better as far as lead time moving forward. I promise! Bye for now and thanks again for EVERYTHING. Your food was amazing … many compliments especially your meatball recipe!"
John and Alicia
John and Alicia McCareins
Naperville (meals and events)
Your presentation of food prepared for the 100 Black Men of America's Midwest conference opening reception, was absolutely Jazzy...the improvisation of spices and harmonious food selection was just right...Wow! It was so fitting and Jazzy for the occasion held at the Love's Jazz and Arts Center. I'm surprised we didn't run out of plates! Job well done...the food was simply fabulous! I look forward to the next encore event with Comfort N Spice! You helped make the weekend a success. Thanks for blessing us with your gift.
J Mason
James Mason, Jr.
Executive Director - 100 Black Men
Flavor, variety, and excellent service!
Nora Terrell
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make our graduation celebration so memorable. While the weather was less than perfect, everything else was stellar. Your attention to detail allowed me to more fully participate in this momentous event. The Sicilian pasta, bacon wrapped dates, Thai chicken skewers, and roast beef crostini were crowd pleasers. The non-meat eaters were delighted with the asparagus spears, fruits, cheeses and caprese skewers. Thanks again for your guidance and professionalism. Comfort and Spice was a key to our success.
Bonnie McCrossen
B. McCrossen
"Our wedding guests still rave about the delicious food prepared by Comfort N' Spice"

"Tira was wonderful to work with. Fom menu planning to execution of the 3 course dinner on our wedding day; we couldn't have been more pleased. We look forward to working with Comfort N' Spice again for future events!"
Camille and Nigel
My event was amazing from start to end. The food and wine pairings were phenomenal. Tira customized the menu to have familiar pairings that my husband I knew we would enjoy. Additionally she added things to the menu that were new and become instant hits for myself and my guest. 10/10 would recommend!
La Erica Mason
La Erica Mason
Tira Collins is truly a "Food Synergist"! Her gift is creating a totally delectable, mouthwatering menu, from a unique combination of ingredients based on the specific requests and desires of her clients. Tira Collins has been the Chef of Choice for many of the Omaha, Nebraska community venues, such as the Omaha Riverfront Blues & Jazz Festival, and in association with many community organizations such as the 100 Black Men of Omaha, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and the Urban League of Nebraska.
T Coleman
Terrence Coleman
Vice President of Operations and CFO
Urban League of Nebraska, Inc
Tira is an absolute dream to work with! She was flexible and creative during the planning process, seamlessly working with the host and other planners. The food was DELICIOUS and the presentation was beautiful! Highly recommend booking with Comfort N Spice- you won’t be disappointed!”
Olivia J
Thank you my Dear, my family is so pleased with your professionalism and knowledge of food and wine. Everything was delicious and we had so much fun! We were delighted with you and the entire experience you made possible for us. God's Blessing on you and yours always.
Maskali Family
Dr. Phillip and Kathy Maskall
Dear Chef Tira, Please forgive my belated note of thanks. I'm afraid that I've fallen victim to almost daily  deadlines in my professional and personal lives this week! HOWEVER, words cannot express how much we enjoyed ourselves at the dinner party  this past Sunday! Tira, I am SO glad you are following your passion. We were certainly  the grateful beneficiaries of your extraordinary culinary skills the other night! And . . . what a nice surprise to find an embroidered handkerchief! We had been eating  out of Dwain's "take-out container" (so that I could save mine for later ) , so I didn't  realize I had a gift until i opened the second container this evening. How thoughtful! Thank you for hosting our group. We appreciate your hospitality!
Donna Gaines and Dwain Kyles
“Comfort ‘N Spice Personal Chef Service is like having our own gourmet restaurant and personal chef in our own house. This type of food usually requires a reservation at a very expensive restaurant. As soon as you smell the aroma of the dishes, your taste buds start working! This service is too good to be true - we don't have to leave home to get exquisite meals anymore. We especially recommend the Crawfish Etouffee – it tastes so good – you’ll want to book a flight to New Orleans!”

“Chef Tira, we want to contract your services because the food looks and smells so good. People, you won’t believe it, the food tastes as good as it looks! Comfort 'N Spice Personal Chef Services are incredible. We will definitely use "Comfort 'N Spice" again! “ (meals and events since 2006).
Bankhead and Smith Families
Naperville, IL
Hi Tira! Just dropping a quick note to tell you after our conversation last night, my family and I were Blown away by your generosity and thoughtfulness. We always believe in the best of people but you have reaffirmed that there are wonderful people in the world!! You ARE one of them! I just called my Mom and she was so thrilled and amazed. Then concerned you were driving all the way from Lisle...I understand the weather is a bit wet. So, please be safe and know across the miles from My family to Yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Warmly,
Karen Krulac
Greenville, SC
Tira - The food is FANTASTIC! I had the Ravioli the first night and it was great. I've never had such a good Caprese Salad. Last night was the Blackened Fish and yellow rice. I'm eating everything you prepared. It is so good. I'm looking forward to the rest. Thanks.
Lake in the Hills
Hi Tira We really enjoyed the jerk chicken and the roast chicken (again). Also, we all loved the greens too. Michael and I ate the barbecue chicken and ribs and really enjoyed that entree. Both meats were very tender and you'll have to show me how you made this one as I will need to impress some quests at some time in the future when I'm brave enough! It's a wonderful experience so far and I've already given you rave reviews to a lady by the name of XXXXX who lives in Oswego and she seems to be very interested in your services.
Lloyd family
Plainfield, IL
Hi Tira, I actually believe the thanks is owed to you! Thank you for an incredible meal- it was everything I hoped for and more! Not only was the food wonderful- the chicken so tender and the risotto melted in my mouth- the personal touches you added (instructions, card, cupcakes) were just great. Thank you for making my birthday so special, it truly was a treat. I look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future. Thanks again!
Laura Jackson
I hope you are doing well. I was thinking about you. The host told me you cooked for him last Friday. That's great! The money is rolling in from our event. Everyone had a great evening. Our CFO was out sick but should be cutting your check tomorrow. You are the best take care!
India Ehioba
Nonprofit CEO
Hi Tira thank you for the emails. I apologize for the delay as I have a break here before I go back into meetings. I spoke to Carlos and he is craving more quinoa and couscous. Do you have some quinoa dishes we can do for next week? Can be some that we have done in the past too, as we have loved them all? Also...I am loving the mac and cheese...can we do that again with no chicken for next week. I do like the idea of the Chicken or Fish En Pappillote - Chicken with Asian inspired, with vegetables.
Claudia Marban
Tira You are a goddess! What a fantastic meal! Everyone said that it was awesome. I sincerely hope that you made a few dollars and that you gained some exposure (I made sure that everyone in attendance got one of your cards). I cannot express my gratitude for your hard work and willingness to do what was necessary to make the meeting a success. Know that I will continue to spread the - not good – but great word about Comfort and Spice! Sincerely,
Chuck Johnson
Vice President Karden Sales & Consulting
Chef Tira. I just wanted to thank you for such a great meal and evening. We truly enjoyed everything. Jackie was very surprised and fell in love with the bread, salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and the Comfort 'N Spice special dessert. I thought the steak and brownie were succulent. We both thought the salmon was flavorful and extremely tasty. Comfort 'N Spice made everything perfect for us! I am actually looking forward to eating my leftovers for the next couple of days. Thank you so much, again!!!! P.S. The roasted peppers were the best I have everrrrr tasted! No seriously, they were the best I have ever tasted! Thank You!
Raymond and Jaqueline Fleming
Plainfield, IL

WOW! Just wanted to let you know that everything you’ve made for us is wonderful! You must use over 100 spices in your cooking!  Even the diet food is great! For several months, you have provided great food and great service! We love the way you continue to work with us to meet our dietary needs and concerns – even when our needs change! Your willingness to adapt and learn new diets/cuisines is greatly appreciated.   We especially like the way you adapt each of our individual meals - Dr. Simmeon’s diet and spicy food for one of us, and the Mediterranean diet, and not so spicy for the other!   Your positive attitude, friendly personality, exceptional food, and flexibility all add up to outstanding service! And, we can’t wait to take a few of your Comfort N Spice cooking classes! Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous but supportive in Aurora, IL (private chef and meal plan)- Developer

Chef Tira's cooking is an eating experience that will take you on a journey to a place you've never been. On this journey, you will land in a place where you're surprised and completely satisfied. Even with the simplest dinner like
spaghetti, Tira combines a very unique blend of spices and herbs that is completely unexpected but absolutely delectable.

David Allen -Customer and Food Scientist, Bolingbrook, IL - Developer

Just wanted you to know that we enjoyed the stuffed mushrooms! I just want you to know  we really enjoy your cooking. I won't bother you with a review everytime we eat your  meals. Just know that your cooking is great!

Valerie - Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry - Developer

Our son's Eagle Scout Ceremony was a very important event for our family, and we wanted to have a dinner that expressed this special day. Chef Tira
took the time to share with us many different ideas and beautiful salads. There were so many great ideas; we chose 5 different dishes, and all were excellent. Many of our guests commented that this was by far the best food they ever had at an Eagle ceremony. We were very pleased that the food reflected how important this day was.

Andy and Cindy Donnell - Plainfield, IL- Developer

Hi Tira, I wanted to send you this brief note to let you know that we have enjoyed the fried chicken and baked potatoes and last night, Michael and I both had a chance to eat some of the jambalaya and found it very good as well. It's exciting to provide Michael with some jambalaya, a dish he loves, but can never order because of the onions. I normally am not that crazy about jambalaya, but I did enjoy yours and it really is a nice change from some of our normal dishes.
I might have mentioned a concern about enough food for the three of us, but I am finding the portions are working out well. I didn't realize the serving sizes originally for the fried chicken and the jambalaya.
We'll definitely want to keep these two dishes along with the roasted chicken and green beans from before.

Lloyd Family - Plainfield, IL- Developer

Chef Tira
I just wanted to THANK YOU for the wonderful meal you prepared. Bill and I really loved being able to relax at home, listen to our own music and enjoy a delicious meal. Since I'm not a very good cook, this wouldn't have been possible without your service.
Everything about the meal was perfect - all the dishes were flavored so tastefully, the meat was warm and moist, the bread was so soft and seasoned just right and the portions were very large (enough left over for another full meal for each of us).
After dinner, it only took us about 5 minutes to clear the table and the clean up was done. You left the kitchen spotless - it was even cleaner than before you started!
Thanks for helping to make our evening so special. We really appreciate your service.
Well, in case you were wondering, it was a clean sweep here in the Lehman house.
After giving the kids your meal tonight:
Daughter: "Ms. Tira is a terrific chef. This food is deee-licious." (She really enjoyed the asparagus too.)
Son: "These pork chops are soooooo good."
Made me think, maybe my son would be a better eater if I was a better cook..... ;o) Makes me wonder.
And, I couldn't believe how moist the pork chops were even a day later. I rarely can get pork chops to be moist for the first meal - much less the second. Great job! The meals were fantastic.

Bill and Tina Lehman - Warrenville, IL- Developer

Hey Tira! This is for 5/13. Loved the pasta from last week and the pork chops lasted 2 days. The ginger sauce was the biggest hit ... Put it on everything

Claudia Marban- Developer

Loved the tacos and eggplant! Thank you!

Best nut brittle ever!!! Thank you. Made my day!

Chick pea soup better than mine!

Gunjan- Developer

Just wanted to let you know that we loved everýthing! We ate the Shrimp Picatta, wilted  spinach and rosemary bread. As soon as Nate walked in, he said, "Wow, it smells good".  We both thought everything was great. We can't wait to try the other entrees!

Have a good night!

Valerie and Nate- Developer


These options look great. Let's go with the southwest Mac and cheese, chicken packet  and quinoa with Asian flavors.

Thank you!

Food this week had been fantastic...as usual!!

Claudia Marban- Developer

Hi Miss Tira!

Your picture is beautiful! I think about you all the time and wish I still had you cooking  for us. Someday you will be back in my kitchen, girl! When I get these boys off to  college, I envision you in my life cooking for Jeff and me. Guess what--I no longer have  to be dairy-free. Opens up a whole new world for me! yeah. Have a nice Thanksgiving with those handsome boys of your's!

Molly Morris- Developer

We had your AWESOME quinoa dish last night. Thank you so much. It was soooo kind  of you!

Amit Patel- Developer

  • Hi Tira, all of my girlfriends have called me and gushed over the great food and wonderful evening you and your staff made possible. You were so professional and anticipated all our needs and of course prepared a superb meal which my sons and I are still enjoying. And thanks also for the embroidered hankie...my Mom has raised my sister and I to be hankie people! Thanks again for such a lovely evening and blessing us. God shows up in some of the most surprising places, doesn't He? 

Karen Van Iten- Developer

Hi Tira,

I'm not going to send an email every night but I do have to tell you that your ribs are the  best ribs I've ever tasted. Nate agrees.

Valerie- Developer

Hi Tira! We had the jambalaya and rolls and loved them! My husband loved it too. The menu sounds great for next week.  For the red beans and rice, could we try just the sausage substitute? We do like okra!

The vegetarian “chicken” piccata and Southwest mac and cheese were delicious.  We are so happy to have found you too and look forward to working with you!

Dr. Madhavi Ryali (vegetarian meal plan)- Developer