Enjoy custom-crafted meals and cooking instructions that are tailored to your tastes, dietary and social needs!
Home Cooked Meals

relax and enjoy custom-crafted home cooked meals in the comfort of your home!


Too Busy or Tired to Cook?
Hate to Grocery Shop?


Whether you’re too stressed to plan and cook meals, you have dietary restrictions, or you simply want to explore various flavors and cuisines, Comfort N Spice will allow you to relax and enjoy custom-crafted home cooked meals in the comfort of your home! All meals are tailored to your tastes and dietary needs using the freshest seasonal ingredients! Easy to warm, no waste, minimal clean up! Meal Plan service is provided on a service fee plus basis.   The service fee is separate from the cost of groceries and containers.  Please contact Comfort N Spice for a firm price quote.  Please note, special occasion events such as wine tastings/pairings and small dinner or office parties, tailgates, etc. will be accommodated as schedule allows.

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Delicious & Flavorful

Enjoy the fellowship of others while cooking delicious comfort food and flavorful, healthier versions of many popular dishes in Chef Tira’s Cook Alongs!

Cook Along Sessions

Hate To Cook Or Eat Alone?


Research has shown that having fun and people who cook and eat with others maintain healthier eating habits, have a lower rate of obesity, have better cardiovascular and brain health (less physical and mental age-related decline), are less stressed, sleep better, and generally have higher self-esteem. Why? Because cooking and eating with others engages the brain, body, and all five senses – and it’s FUN!

So, if food is your idea of fun – cooking it, eating it, talking about it, taking pictures of it, a Comfort N Spice Cook and Eat Along is perfect for you!  If you are culinarily challenged, trying to manage a dietary issue, or don’t currently enjoy cooking, our Cook and Eat Alongs may bring out the inner chef and joy of cooking in you! Learn new recipes, techniques, and increase your confidence and success in the kitchen in a friendly, social environment. No stress or intimidation is allowed in our kitchen – only good food, good conversation, good people, and lots of fun!  Don’t cook or eat alone! Join us!

Cook & Eat Alongs Are Perfect For

  • FUN!  Cook and Eat Alongs are a great way for friends, family, co-workers, etc to bond and interact with each other. 
  • Newly independent people who live away from home and friends.
  • Older adults who live alone or far away from family.
  • Families who are located geographically far from their nuclear family.  
  • Wine or Activity Pairing
  • Nonprofits/Retirement Communities/Various Health Organizations focused on improving the health and well-being of their members/clients and/or training caregivers.
  • Social organizations and/or individuals looking for an entertaining food-based event (e.g., Go Red – American Heart Association, wedding party cook and eat together) 
  • Insurance Companies looking to increase their community outreach.
  • Corporations looking to promote and reward wellness endeavors and results of their employees.
  • Food Corporations looking for recipe development support and client engagement.
Tailored To Your Taste

meals and cooking instructions are tailored to your tastes and dietary needs using the freshest seasonal ingredients!

Give a loved one the gift of time, relaxation, or health!


Give the gift of food and TIME to a hardworking loved one or a family or friend that needs a little help in the kitchen! Businesses, reward your highly valued employees, associates, etc. with a week’s worth of chef prepared meals.

Comfort N Spice Gift Certificates Are Perfect For:


  • New Moms and Dads 
  • Elderly family or friends who need a little help in the kitchen or have dietary concerns
  • Bereavement
  • Caregivers
  • Newlyweds  
  • Returning home from the hospital
  • Just to say I love you!


Gift certificates are typically all inclusive. Recipients may choose from a list of customer favorites and/or upgrade the gift at their own expense if desired. Please note, gift certificates are nonrefundable and may NOT be redeemed for cash. Gift certificates toward a service may be purchased in $100 increments ($100, $200, etc.)  Please contact Comfort N Spice to request a quote for a specific service to meet the needs of the intended recipient.