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Chef Tira Collins is a proud member of American Personal & Private Chef Association
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Comfort ‘N Spice Comfort ‘N Spice
Mom, Dad, what’s for dinner?”
Honey, what are we going to eat tonight?


Imagine coming home to an exquisite, healthy and delicious restaurant-quality meal that you simply warm and enjoy in a matter of minutes? Sound wonderful?!! Then Comfort 'N Spice is the solution for you!

If you’re too exhausted to cook after a long hard day at work or if you rather someone else do the cooking, Comfort 'N Spice Personal Chef Service is the solution for you! Comfort ‘N Spice is your source for distinctive, palate specific foods that are appropriate for everyday as well as special occasions.

Comfort ‘N Spice offers a collection of dishes that fuse traditional American fare with ethnic cuisines with a common theme: fresh ingredients and exotic flavors combined to create foods meant to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Our goal is to provide time-challenged, hungry customers with tasty, upper-scale restaurant quality food, at affordable prices and with maximum convenience! We bring the flavors of the world into the comfort of your home!