Pan Seared Chicken, Fish, Or Tofu

Pan Seared

Pan-Seared Chicken, Fish, Or Tofu With Tender-Crisp Vegetables, Fresh Herbs, And Spicy Vinegar

Calling All Omnivores, Pescatarians, Vegetarians, And Vegans!

THIS Cook Along is for EVERYONE!

Learn to make flavorful, tender-crisp vegetables topped with fresh herbs, your choice of perfectly seared protein, and a mildly spicy chile vinegar. This DELICIOUS dish is layered with flavors, texture, and health benefits!

Chef Tira Explaining

Reservations for Personal Chef Tira’s Virtual Cook and Eat Alongs are sold to individuals and/or a household or location of 4 or less people.  Group rates may be available. All reservations must include payment in full.  Recipes and handouts will be provided via email approximately 5-7 days before class time.  Please register at least 2 days before to ensure timely delivery of materials and a non-rushed shopping experience. Please reference the waiver form on the website for additional information.

  • Date : June 3, 2022
  • Time : 6:30 pm (UTC+5)

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Chef Tira Collins

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