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You have been feeding me "well" for close to 20 years!
I find your personal chef entrées exquisite! The sauces are light and flavorful.
I especially like your attention to the needs of your clients.
I am on a strict low calorie and low sodium diet. You were able to suggest meals to fit my diet and still offer great tasting food. 

Chef Collins dishes are YUMMY! Even though I now live in Georgia, I make sure I enjoy some of Chef Collins’ meals whenever I’m in Illinois.  I also frequently provide Comfort ‘N Spice services as gifts for my family and friends. They truly enjoyed the baby shower meals and dinner service gifts they received!  I will continue to use Comfort ‘N Spice for my personal needs and as gifts for my family and friends.

Ilka Calhoun
Atlanta, Georgia

Chef Tira,
Sorry to just be responding to your message but little Anthony keeps mommy and daddy pretty busy these days esp. since Donell returned to work recently.
Thank you so much for the delicious meals!  We loved each dish!  It was so nice to come home to such exquisite food J  esp. since we really didn't have much prepared food remaining in the house.  And a number of the ladies who attended my shower are still talking about the delicious food you provided!  
Take care and God Bless!

P.S.  I must start planning some special event so we can have more of your delicious comfort food
Khalilah and Donell Babino, Aurora, IL

We truly enjoy Comfort ‘N Spice Personal Chef services!  The convenience of having great tasting, healthy food, ready to eat at the end of a busy day is wonderful! It is so nice to come home to something fresh and tasty instead of eating fast food or take out.   And, the clean up is so easy!  Your personal chef services provide us with great food and the gift of time!  We now have more time to eat together and more quality time in general. Thanks to you and Comfort ‘N Spice!
Gina and Michael Lloyd, Plainfield, IL

“Chef Tira's cooking is an eating experience that will take you on a journey to a place you've never been. On this journey, you will land in a place where you're surprised and completely satisfied. Even with the simplest dinner like spaghetti, Tira combines a very unique blend of spices and herbs that is completely unexpected but absolutely delectable.”

David Allen – customer and Food Scientist, Bolingbrook, IL

“Comfort ‘N Spice was the perfect choice for my husband's surprise party. My husband is from New Orleans so Chef Tira and I decided on a Creole themed menu. While I was stressing over last minute details, Chef Tira was in the kitchen preparing an assortment of tasty treats. By the time I finished hanging the banner, Chef Tira had arranged the food and cleaned the kitchen. It was my first experience with Comfort ‘ N Spice, but it won't be my last.”

Kristy Seoane, Aurora, IL

“Comfort ‘N Spice Personal Chef Service is like having our own gourmet restaurant and personal chef in our own house. This type of food usually requires a reservation at a very expensive restaurant. As soon as you smell the aroma of the dishes, your taste buds start working! This service is too good to be true - we don't have to leave home to get exquisite meals anymore. We especially recommend the Crawfish Etouffee – it tastes so good – you’ll want to book a flight to New Orleans!”
“Chef Tira, we want to contract your services because the food looks and smells so good. People, you won’t believe it, the food tastes as good as it looks! Comfort 'N Spice Personal Chef Services are incredible. We will definitely use "Comfort 'N Spice" again! “

La Sheron and William Bankhead, La Sheral Smith
Naperville, IL

“Our son's Eagle Scout Ceremony was a very important event for our family, and we wanted to have a dinner that expressed this special day. Chef Tira took the time to share with us many different ideas and beautiful salads. There were so many great ideas; we chose 5 different dishes, and all were excellent. Many of our guests commented that this was by far the best food they ever had at an Eagle ceremony. We were very pleased that the food reflected how important this day was.”

Andy and Cindy Donnell, Plainfield, IL

“I primarily eat traditional dishes and have always been reluctant to allow my taste-buds to try anything new. But eating Tira's Shrimp and Grits and her Blackened Shrimp and Crabmeat Fondue, has given me a whole new perspective on the concept of 'just try it'. I'm always amazed at how she's able to just some how make it all (flavor, seasonings, aroma) come together!”

Sharon Allen, Bolingbrook, IL
Chef Tira. I just wanted to thank you for such a great meal and evening. We truly enjoyed everything. Jackie was very surprised and fell in love with the bread, salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and the Comfort 'N Spice special dessert. I thought the steak and brownie were succulent. We both thought the salmon was flavorful and extremely tasty. Comfort 'N Spice made everything perfect for us! I am actually looking forward to eating my leftovers for the next couple of days. Thank you so much, again!!!!

P.S. The roasted peppers were the best I have everrrrr tasted! No seriously, they were the best I have ever tasted! Thank You!

Raymond and Jaqueline Fleming, Plainfield, IL
Chef Tira

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the wonderful meal you prepared. Bill and I really loved being able to relax at home, listen to our own music and enjoy a delicious meal. Since I'm not a very good cook, this wouldn't have been possible without your service.

Everything about the meal was perfect - all the dishes were flavored so tastefully, the meat was warm and moist, the bread was so soft and seasoned just right and the portions were very large (enough left over for another full meal for each of us).

After dinner, it only took us about 5 minutes to clear the table and the clean up was done. You left the kitchen spotless - it was even cleaner than before you started!

Thanks for helping to make our evening so special. We really appreciate your service.

P.S. Well, in case you were wondering, it was a clean sweep here in the Lehman house. After giving the kids your meal tonight:
Daughter: "Ms. Tira is a terrific chef. This food is deee-licious." (She really enjoyed the asparagus too.)
Son: "These pork chops are soooooo good."

Made me think, maybe my son would be a better eater if I was a better cook..... ;o) Makes me wonder.
And, I couldn't believe how moist the pork chops were even a day later. I rarely can get pork chops to be moist for the first meal - much less the second. Great job! The meals were fantastic.

Bill and Tina Lehman, Warrenville, IL
Chef Tira,
Thank you for the wonderful dinners and dinner party you prepared for me and my friends in July!  Everything was outstanding! (It was worth having you travel to Florida with me!) I especially loved the grilled ribs, chicken and salmon you prepared for my dinner party. Everything was seasoned to perfection and the service was excellent! The orzo was a great, new side dish for me and most of my guests– we loved it! Our favorite meal that week was the Thai or Caribbean inspired chicken.  The mixture of sweet and hot with garlic and cilantro was sooooo good! Thanks – I will definitely hire Comfort N’ Spice again!  See you soon!

W. Coleman, Palm Coast Florida

Thank you for the fantastic meal on Sunday, July 15th.  The food was not only expertly prepared but it was presented in an eye pleasing and professional manner.  The Chicago area is fortunate to have a personal chef of your caliber to handle their catering needs.  Best wishes for continued success!

Howard & Marilyn Wilson,
Palm Coast, Florida

Chef Tira,

As always it is a pleasure to see you! I would be remiss if I failed to thank you for the scrumptious meal that you served on JULY 15TH, 2007. It was finger licking good! The memory of the delicacies was with me the next day!

After having experienced several meals that you have prepared over the past year I can truly say that you have mastered your culinary skills and developed an eye for great food presentation.

Jim and I look forward to your speedy return so that we can once again appease our taste buds with your superb cooking.

Love to you and the Comfort N’ Spice family,

Pat Mc Nutt
Palm Coast, Florida

Dear Tira,

Our sincere thanks to you for the lovely Dinner Party given at Mr. Coleman’s home in Palm Coast. The food was very delicious and well prepared.
A delightful evening for all!

Our Best Wishes to you in your endeavor.

Julia & Curtis Holmes
Palm Coast,FL