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Chef Tira Collins is a proud member of American Personal & Private Chef Association
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Chef Tira has been cooking and entertaining most of her life. As a child, she loved to cook, often trying out her creations on friends and family. She learned many dishes from her parents, Caribbean relatives, and friends. Chef Tira has traveled to many parts of the globe to learn authentic recipes from local FAMILIES - the real experts! She has spent time with cooks from New Orleans and greater Louisiana, to Alabama and the Carolinas, to Miami and the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad, to the Netherlands and Thailand.

After years in corporate America, Chef Tira decided to follow her passion and established Comfort ‘N Spice, LLC to combine her love of food and cooking with the desire to help others enjoy healthy and flavorful food in the most comfortable environment of all – the home.

Chef Tira is a member of the American Personal Chef Association and the Chicagoland Personal Chef Association. Chef Tira is also fully insured, and licensed by the State of Illinois Public Health Department. In her spare time, she reads mystery novels and cookbooks (of course!) and travels the world to discover spicy comfort cuisines.